Water Intoxication in Dogs by Lily

Barked By Lily | 1st June 2018

Water Intoxication in Dogs by Lily

This is an interesting phenomenon and again, like heatstroke, something I am unlikely ever to suffer from!

However, my daft little sister Sasha is a likely candidate, as this often occurs in gundog breeds that spend hours playing in rivers and lakes.

Water intoxication in dogs has the fancy name, hyponatermia, and can occur in humans as well as dogs, so it is well worth warning your humans about this. It occurs when you over exercise in warm conditions and then drink a lot of water; this causes the electrolytes (salts) in your tissues to become too dilute.

If this happens, cells in your body start to swell due to the increase in pressure in them; this can affect the central nervous system and the brain and can be fatal. The symptoms to look out for include staggering, vomiting, weakness, bloating, drooling, glazed eyes and seizures – if you feel unwell and have these symptoms after drinking lots, alert your human and demand to go to the vets! If you notice these symptoms in your human, first check that it is water they have been drinking, before suggesting medical attention

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2 thoughts on “Water Intoxication in Dogs by Lily”

  1. Catalina Abad says:

    If you’re dog has ANY one of the following symptoms:
    -pale gums
    -drooling excessively
    -lethargy and lack of coordination

    Time is critical in this situation, I unfortunately lost a 4 year old cockapoo to water intoxication this past weekend. She was biting at the water in lake michigan for an hour and an hour later she was already dead. There is no time for blood work at the vet, explain your situation and that your dog has water intoxication action needs to be taken immediately in order to avoid brain damage, heart failure, coma and death. Keep an eye on your pup and keep them safe this is a more critical situation than one would expect, take action immediately if you have doubt better to be on the safe side. Best wishes for all.

    1. Frodo - The Barking Bugle says:

      Dear Catalina, We are so sorry to hear about your Cockapoo. Thank you for your advice. Best Wishes Frodo – Editor

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